Worldwide Material and Supply Shortages

If you have been to your local hardware store recently, you may have noticed the empty shelves and sky-high prices. With the pandemic, extreme weather, and unprecedented demand for renovations, supplies and materials are becoming more and more difficult to find.

Despite that, Lenton Company is doing everything that we can to ensure our builds go smoothly, all without compromise to quality. Our team is working hard to keep our clients satisfied with their remodels, which is something that we are proud of.

Staying on top of things:

Our team is working tirelessly to prepare for any and all builds ahead, preordering materials as early as we possibly can. Lizsela, our build coordinator, keeps a constant eye on stock and availability to ensure that we get what we need for each project. If any problems appear, like sudden backorders, she alerts us immediately so we can find a solution.

Prioritizing the Client:

We stay in constant contact with our customers and alert them if there are any potential problems with sourcing materials or supplies. If we need to substitute a material, our design team works with them closely to create a solution that stays true to the design and meets the customer’s needs.

Creating new Solutions:

Making our customers dream home into a reality is something we won’t compromise on. With the difficulty in finding supplies, we have looked for new solutions for our customers, prioritizing them and their home before anything else.

Expanding our Horizons:

We have taken every opportunity to find new options and alternative materials for our builds. This includes our recent additions of Ready to Assemble cabinets, a new bathroom vanity line, and expanding our supplier base. Many of these choices are budget friendly, without compromising on quality.

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Design Trends: Vintage Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to home remodels, bathroom and kitchen remodels have always been top projects. According to data from CNBC, they experienced a 40% increase in popularity in June compared to the previous year. This is because more and more people are staying home. More than ever, bathrooms are used more regularly.

Talking about bathrooms, it’s common to see modern bathroom trends being pushed to the forefront when bathroom remodel ideas come up. Still, there’s something about vintage design trends that can add charm and warmth to your bathroom. Here are some vintage bathroom remodel designs that have proven to be timeless and classic.

Antique Accessories and Accents

Antique accessories are the perfect addition to your bathroom remodel if you want to add some vintage vibes. Even when you’re going for a more modern design, things like a gilded accent mirror, oriental rugs, antique brass cabinet pulls, fabric lampshades, and crystal sconces can give your bathroom some vintage appeal.

The good news is, there are many vintage options to choose from. There are vintage mirrors, vintage shower curtains, vintage colors, plus more to suit whatever style you have in mind. You can even add a vintage armchair in the corner to complete the feel.

Clawfoot Tubs

If you have decided to keep a tub, then you might want to ask your bathroom remodeling company to install a clawfoot tub. Clawafoot tubs have a timeless appeal that will breath more life into your bathroom and can be paired with many elegant features that make for a truly luxurious bathroom experience. However, be sure to also have a standalone shower, just in case you don’t want the hassle of cleaning the tub afterward.

Vintage Wallpaper

The list of popular vintage bathroom design trends wouldn’t be complete without vintage-inspired wallpaper. There are many options to choose from and you can even ask your bathroom remodeling company for help with choosing a quality vintage-inspired wallpaper. Make sure, the wallpaper fits in with your overall theme and colors, so that everything flows smoothly to the eye.

Checkerboard Flooring

The checkerboard floor pattern might have experienced fame in the early 1900s, but it’s back to make a statement again. A black and white bathroom floor will really keep things interesting and it has this whimsical appeal that will earn you extra points for creativity.

So, thinking of going vintage? You can start by considering the trends above. Get professional advice from your bathroom remodeling company to ensure your project is a success.


Find Your Perfect Pendant Light

You need lighting in your kitchen — why not make it fabulous?

Pendant lighting is a top 2021 kitchen design trend. A well-placed pendant light can be a breathtaking focal point or simply a wonderful accent in a beautifully styled kitchen. The sheer number of incredible options can, however, feel overwhelming. We’re here to help with the basics of pendants so you can narrow down your choices and find your perfect light.

Pendants With a Purpose

First, consider the lighting’s purpose. Do you need light above your kitchen island to better read a recipe, or will it light up the entire room? Is the light purely functional, or do you want it for more decorative purposes? Let’s look at how pendant lights fall into each of the four lighting categories — task, ambient, accent, and decorative.

Task Lighting

Pendant lights that aim downward to light up a targeted space are task lights. These are the best choices if you need a strategically well-lit area, like where you do most of your cooking or helping the kids with their homework.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient light gently illuminates an entire room. This light is cast upwards or in all directions, spreading throughout the room for a soft glow. These open, metallic globes show off the vintage Edison bulbs and light up the kitchen with character.

Accent Lighting

These beautiful pendant lights are a perfect example of accent lighting. Do you have a stand-out feature in your kitchen that you want to enhance with a lighting fixture, like this incredible ceiling? An accent pendant light might be the right choice for you.

Decorative Lighting

Sometimes lights enhance décor, and sometimes they are the décor. Focal-point pendant lights like these can be colorful, creative, or just plain stunning conversation pieces.

Keep in mind, there’s no rule against mixing lighting styles and types. These homeowners chose simple cylinder lights above their breakfast bar and striking, intricate candelabra fixtures above the center island.


Pendant lights come in all different sizes. Multiple small fixtures can be hung together for a more delicate look, or if you’re feeling bold, you may decide one large light would be better.


In addition to choosing the style of light, you also need to think about placement. This will depend on your ceiling height, where in the room your pendant lights are going, and how many you’re putting up. Pendant lights can hang in a straight line or staggered as seen here for more visual interest. You can have them grouped together, or evenly spaced out to light up a larger area.

When it comes to pendant lighting, the choices are endless. The designers at Lenton Company will help you narrow down your options by considering the light’s desired purpose, size, and placement.  Ready to start your remodeling journey? Contact us today.

Sarah Silvies

Where Style Meets Skill: Celebrating Designer Sarah Sylvies’ Certification

Turning dreams into reality is a skill our designers practice every day. We’ve always believed Lenton Company designers are the best in the business, and now we have proof — Sarah Sylvies is officially a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer. This certification comes from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, a trade group supporting design professionals with tools, networking opportunities, and other resources to succeed in their industry. Being NKBA certified involves education and experience requirements, along with a rigorous application process and examination. 

“Using my knowledge and pushing it further with their educational tools really helped me in surpassing my goals. The process was challenging, but the end result was rewarding.” 

— Sarah Sylvies

The certification process requirements include a minimum of four years of full-time design experience, with at least two of those years focusing on kitchen and bath design. Besides her work experience, she also needed sixty hours of education credits from the NKBA and other approved coursework.

The process is completed with an intense exam. Sarah was scored on eight detailed design drawings in content categories ranging from graphics to technical planning details. After passing the design component, she was challenged with 100 questions in four categories: design solution, specifications, graphics and presentation, and mechanical and construction.

With this certification, Lenton Company clients can be certain their homes are designed by the best and most experienced in the industry. We are honored to have Sarah on our team and know she is excited to pass her expertise on to her clients, helping them design the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams. Congratulations, Sarah!

Wondering what our fantastic designers can do to transform your home? Contact us today.


The Deluxe Pantry: The Ultimate Space-Saving Storage Solution

Dreaming of the perfect pantry but lack the space for a walk-in? Meet the deluxe pantry.

The deluxe pantry is a completely custom kitchen storage solution housed in a cabinet, rather than the traditional walk-in closet style pantry. Its efficient use of space makes it perfect for smaller kitchens or where a walk-in is impractical, and its personalized design ensures a place for everything and everything in its place.

Our first deluxe pantry was inspired by a homeowner’s Houzz find in 2017. We crafted the ideal pantry cabinet as part of their kitchen renovation, but our clients worked for the military and had to transfer shortly after its completion. When the new homeowners contacted us about upgrading a few other areas in the house, we were thrilled to see the deluxe pantry was still a much-appreciated element in the kitchen.

These days, the deluxe pantry is a frequently requested Lenton Company specialty. Read on to learn how to maximize these spaces.

The Great In-Doors

Whether your deluxe pantry will be small or large, take advantage of the doors. Door shelving is perfect for frequently accessed items, as well as small collections like spices and oils. Your Lenton Company designer will work with you to configure the doors and interior shelves to the correct depths to keep those items within easy reach. 

In the Shallows

Your storage can actually be more efficient with shallow cabinets than deep pantries. Opt for several shelves of varying heights — after all, if you can’t see the food in the back of the pantry, you’re unlikely to use it. Shallow shelving makes everything easy to find, use, and put away again — especially when these fixed shelves are at or above eye level.

Sliding Drawers

Pull-out drawers are an ideal way to have all your needs at your fingertips, especially if your cabinet is deep. Depending on the items you need to store, you can choose drawers of different heights to store items of all shapes, weights and sizes. Adding custom section separators can help keep things well-organized within these drawers, as well. 

Closed Camouflage

While you may want to show off your expertly organized pantry to the world, when entertaining family and friends, you will appreciate cabinetry that allows it to blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen. Keeping your assorted food and preparation items conveniently close but hidden makes your culinary world both easy and beautiful.

Ready to craft your custom kitchen pantry cabinet? Contact us today to learn how a deluxe pantry can solve all your storage needs.

New Purple Pub Becomes the Most Popular Hangout at Home

With multiple generations under one roof, having a fun place for family to congregate is critical. 

This Lancaster remodel provided this multi-generational household with a place to gather–and has become a major draw for the extended family as well.

We are excited to share that this project was recently featured on Houzz. Follow this link to read the full article. Read more.


5 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay

If you’re considering a remodel of one of the most important rooms in your home, you want to design with trends that are here to stay. You want a kitchen that functions well and looks great — but you don’t want to chase faddish looks that will date your kitchen.

Check out a few of the trends that will look and work great today and tomorrow and for years to come.

1. Island Life

We’re not taking tropical breezes, but the way an island anchors your kitchen with versatility. It adds horizontal space that’s great for food prep, dining, or homework, while the base can be used for extra storage, a beverage fridge, or a microwave drawer. Think about how you want to use it — some prefer it as just a counter, while others like to put a prep or main sink there, and others prefer to have their cooktop or range located in the island.

2. Building It In

Cutting clutter and having a space for everything in your kitchen is made easier with the new options for storage. Pull-out spice racks, microwave drawers, dishwasher drawers, dedicated cabinets and counters for a coffee station — all of these and more make life neater and easier.

3. Wood’s Natural Warmth

Wherever you look, wood is taking a starring role in kitchen design. In cabinets from traditional to modern, butcher-block counters to hardwood floors, wood is a natural in kitchen design.

4. Color & Shade

White kitchens are timeless, but accenting white upper cabinets with a different color like blue or green on the bottom cabinets adds style and dimension. Islands can also be finished in different colors or tones to make them stand out from the rest of the kitchen.

5. Designing for Life

If you plan to stay in your home past your retirement, you can design for comfort now — without sacrificing style. Swap out bottom cabinets for deep drawers to save your knees while storing things like stockpots and baking sheets. Side-opening wall ovens make it easier to get things in and out — no more bending and stooping to wrestle a heavy roast or Thanksgiving turkey. Counters of varying heights can make it easier to chop or prep food while on a stool or chair, and leaving space underneath can allow those in chairs or wheelchairs to pull in close. And redesigning your kitchen for more space between surfaces not only makes it more roomy, it will make it more accessible for those using mobility devices like walkers or wheelchairs.

Before you start picking out your appliances and finishes, though, you want to find a licensed general contractor near you with experience and integrity. Check reviews and ask for references. A kitchen has so many working parts — many of them hidden like plumbing and electrical — that you want top-notch workmanship from your kitchen remodeler in Lancaster, Palmdale, or the rest of the Antelope Valley.

We love designing and building kitchens that work as great as they look. To get started on your own kitchen remodeling project, give our team of talented designers and craftsmen at Lenton Company a call at 661-273-9179 or send us an email at


How To: Remodeling Your Master Bath

A master bathroom remodeling project is one of the best ways to invest in your home while improving your quality of life. It has to be beautiful, of course, but your master bathroom also works hard, and is where you prepare for your days and unwind before bed.

The trend is for bigger master bathrooms with more luxurious or individual touches. Borrowing space from an adjacent area — a vacant bedroom or closet, for example — can get you the extra room you need, but it does get complicated.

Having the help and guidance of a designer will help you make the most of the new space. If you need to move walls, you’ll want an experienced remodeling company to make sure the structure is engineered right. Working with a company that specializes in design and construction will streamline your master bathroom remodeling project.

Start by putting together your wish list. Do you need more space to get ready for your day with someone else? Separate sinks can cut down on the hassle — whether in a double vanity or two individual vanities.

Shower Trends

There’s a definite trend toward larger, more luxurious showers, often replacing the space taken up by a bathtub. Multiple showerheads, often a fixed one and a handheld, are on many people’s must-have list. That handheld shower head also comes in really handy when you’re cleaning the shower. Glass doors and enclosures can help the bathroom seem more open and airy, and building in niches between the framing allows for niches to hold bottles of shampoo. Using contrasting tiles in these niches add a pop of style.

Thinking ahead to a time when they might not be as mobile, many of our clients ask us to reinforce some areas of the frame for adding grab bars later. That’s also why zero-entry showers that have no lip are becoming popular installations — there’s no barrier to those using a mobility assist like a cane, walker, or wheelchair. They look great too. In the Lancaster area, many of the houses are built on slabs,

The Suite Spot

This is a great time to reconsider the transition space between your master bathroom and your bedroom. Putting a wak-closet and dressing room between the bath and bedroom or off the bathroom is a helpful solution for couples on different schedules — the early bird can get ready and dressed without disturbing the later riser. It also turns the whole area into a true master suite.

Lighting & Airflow

Devising a lighting scheme for your master bathroom is an important consideration. It takes experience and planning to create the correct mix of overhead and task lighting, especially around the vanity and mirrors. You want uniform light on your face when grooming or putting on make-up, and especially when you’re taking that last look before heading out to work or out for the evening.

Bathrooms can be steamy spaces, so ventilation is key to keeping moisture in check. Selecting the right equipment for your bathroom can be complicated, as well as where to place them so they’ll work best.

As you can imagine, designing and building a master bathroom that looks great and works even better takes careful planning and craftsmanship. If you’d like to get going on your master bathroom remodel, give us a call at 661-273-9179 and we’ll get started!

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