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Universal Design Considerations for Shower and Bath Remodels

Adaptability, also known as universal design, is trending in products that allow people of all abilities ease of use. From small children with limited dexterity to adults with temporary disabling injuries and those with the normal effects of aging, adaptability characteristics are becoming an integral part of a manufacturer’s design.

Features like spa-like showers without the potential tripping hazard of a curb, a connected shower seat, and a shower head on a glide bar for comfort and ease are finding their way into residential bathrooms providing extra utility, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Roll-in showers are designed for people to directly roll into the stall using a specially designed shower wheelchair. A beveled threshold about 0.5″ high allows the wheelchair to roll over.

Universal design marries adaptability with beauty over the whole range of human ability. Even fashionable towel bars are doing double duty as grab bars with the addition of extra blocking behind the walls to make that level of support possible. Small details have big impacts. Toilets 2-inches higher than the standard 15- to 16-inch-tall fixture reduces strain on a user’s knees when getting up.

It wasn’t that long ago when a homeowner’s choice when remodeling a bathroom was between expensive custom tile work or relatively inexpensive big box store prefabrication enclosures. Today we’ve found a happy middle ground. BestBath, located in Caldwell, Idaho, bridges the gap as an industry leader offering design and engineering services to assist in creating bathroom units that meet a homeowner’s unique requirements for space, configurations, compliance, and type of users. Lenton Company is proud to be a BestBath dealer.

According to its website, BestBath became a world-leading manufacturer of bathing products by focusing on being first in product quality and first in creating products for people of all abilities.

Their products range from walk-in tubs to traditional shower inserts designed to be useful, beautiful, and easily modified as individual needs and abilities change. With accessibility in mind, BestBath products provide the function and value needed today and for many years to come.

BestBath single and multi-piece showers are the perfect fit for home bathroom remodeling projects where safety and accessibility are a concern. Removing the barriers of slippery, traditional tubs is an important step to living in place as homeowners make arrangements to remain in the home they love.