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What’s Trending in 2023?

The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) has a long history of delivering a marketplace for the introduction of the latest products and innovation in the kitchen and bath industry. This year’s trek to Las Vegas did not disappoint.

Lenton Company’s design team – Design Sales Manager Kendal Lenton along with Designers Heather Poulliot and Karla Madrid – joined over 30,000 industry professionals to see, feel, and touch all the new features, materials, and textures available and to learn what’s trending in 2023.

Functionality, ergonomics and making spaces effortlessly perform better were promoted as to how they affect a homeowner’s overall well-being. Smart design features help streamline the day-to-day tasks.

In bathroom remodeling, the trend is to have fixtures tailored to promote better health and wellness. Automated showers with multifunction additions like steam and aromatherapy take the spa shower experience to the next level.

Regarding kitchen remodeling, function remains key. Workstation sinks are replacing farmhouse sinks. Large single bowl sinks make this area less about just doing dishes. Customization of unlimited accessories make the space easy for food prep or as a serving space for entertaining. Faucets were ergonomic, stylish, and multifunctional with some companies offering filtered or sparkling water options. Tea and espresso came from the same tap used to clean dishes but seamlessly combined.

Beyond new products with purposeful functionality, the show went in depth with design and style. The design world is directly opposing the white shaker cabinets and white quartz counters, although we will likely still see them for a while. This year’s trend isn’t shy about the use of bold color and pattern to achieve an overall elevated and curated design style.

In the words of designer Heather, “I see a drive for uniqueness of style done in a way that unifies materials and experiences. Personally, I think a space should reflect a client and not necessarily be a view of what’s current and popular. What’s new is a mix of older styles blended in unexpected ways; bold palettes mixed with warm earthy neutrals. The show displayed use of lots of color, including black. Metals mixed not only in the space but within fixtures and appliances. Complex combinations of texture and color were brought to life and highlighted on mood boards.”

Next steps? The design team looks forward to introducing clients to all the exciting textures, materials, and trends featured at this year’s show. Make this the year to invest in your home to create exceptional life-changing spaces.

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Six Key Considerations for Living in Place

With so many different stages in life, it’s not surprising that needs change as time progresses. Lifestyles suitable for a 20-something are not quite practical for someone approaching their 50s, 60s, 70s… you get the point. Add to that, aging isn’t always graceful. There could be reduced balance, decreased mobility, injury or illness, reduced mental capabilities, decreased strength and endurance, or reduced vision and hearing just to name a few. The concept of Living in Place is to adapt the home of your choice for as long as you are able to stay.

Getting Into the House

Even the most modest homes have steps to access entryways. Designing ramps — temporary or permanent – is a must to ensure access. Whether a concrete pour, decorative wood slats, or prefabricated metal, ramps for a wheelchair allow homeowners to get in and out. If not already in place, handrails for existing stairs provide support when a ramp is not present.

Moving Around the House

Flooring is an important consideration when inside the home for ease of movement. Smooth surfaces are more desirable than carpeted areas. Special hinges can be added to most doors to increase width by two inches. Sunken rooms can be elevated and leveled to minimize steps inside the home.    


Challenges in the bathroom include having sufficient room to move, a place to sit, showering and bathing, safety, and personal care. Surprisingly, the bathroom lends itself to the most opportunity for improvement with thoughtful design. Space can often be reclaimed to provide space for movement; built-in or furniture benches can be added for additional seating. Zero-entry showers provide access without barriers. Vanity counters can be designed for wheelchair roll-up access. Grab bars strategically placed for safety are now available to reflect beautiful design elements.   


Kitchen islands and cabinetry offer enormous potential for keeping things in reach. Everything from drawer microwaves to hydraulic appliance shelves, a homeowner can avoid the difficulty of reaching beyond their grasp. Kitchen pullout pantries make storage accessibility a breeze. Varied heights incorporated into an island accommodate a variety of needs.     


Height is a factor for all things laundry related. Front loading washer and dryer minimize bending; standing height counters aid in sorting and folding.   

Lighting & Technology 

When it comes to lighting, more is better. LED lights with dimmers offer flexibility and there should be multiple sources for accessing switches. Whether Siri, Alexa, Google or other creative names, technology can easily be added to assist. From emergency calls for help to cameras and television sound bars, let a virtual assistant help. The Amazon Echo creates an intercom type system in every room.


Modern Bathroom Design Trends

The bathroom is a room that often gets overlooked when it comes to home design. People think of it as a functional space rather than something that can be stylish and inviting. But times are changing, and more and more people are starting to see the bathroom as an opportunity to express their unique style. Here are some current bathroom design trends.

1. Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere

Most bathrooms have a more industrial feel with large, cold tiles and a lot of chrome. But today, more people want their bathrooms to be soothing and relaxing. They’re going for that spa-like quality that just seems to ooze comfort and warmth. So don’t be surprised when your bathroom remodeling company recommends using natural materials such as wood and stone. These aren’t the only elements that create a spa-like bathroom, but they are some of the ones you’ll want to look out for.

2. Bathrooms Are Expanding

Homeowners today want more than just a bathroom where they can take care of their basic personal hygiene needs. More people are using natural materials like stone and wood and softer tones. And they’re also paying more attention to lighting. Soft lighting is seen as a way to help people wind down and relax.

3. Mix and Match

Another trend in bathrooms is that homeowners are choosing to mix and match different materials, styles, and colors. They don’t want their bathroom to feel like a hotel room with every surface the same. And they don’t want it to look like they took ideas from Pinterest without putting any personal style into their design. So instead, homeowners are using different tiles, colors, and lighting throughout their bathrooms to create an eclectic look that screams them.

4. Inviting Countertops

Another bathroom design trend is the type of countertop. Many people have switched from the standard ceramic tile or laminate countertops to either quartz or stone. These materials are naturally beautiful and very easy to clean. They also come in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns that homeowners can use to express their personal style.

5. Customized Storage

One bathroom design trend that is here to stay is customized storage. Bathrooms are often small, and they need all the space-saving tricks they can get. That’s why people are using built-in shelving and cabinets, as well as bathroom vanities, to create a functional bathroom storage system. If you’re not sure how to create bathroom storage that will work with the space you have, you can always consult your bathroom remodeling company

6. An Upgrade in Lighting

Another bathroom design trend is the type of lighting. People are moving away from general overhead lighting and instead opting for bathroom vanity lights or bathroom sconces. These bathroom lights give you a functional and stylish way to express your personal style while also creating an additional atmosphere and ambiance in the bathroom.

Bathroom design trends are about making the bathroom a relaxing and comfortable space. By working with the right bathroom remodeling company, you can give the bathroom a facelift that will help it meet your family’s lifestyle needs. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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4 Questions to Ask Before Your Bathroom Remodel

So, you’re considering remodeling your bathroom? Good for you; you aren’t alone in this! A survey conducted by Porch Research indicated that 75% of homeowners have done a home renovation project since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your bathroom might be the smallest room in your home, but most likely is the one that gets the most use. A bathroom remodel project is a perfect chance to redesign it and create your desired space.

That’s why, before hiring a bathroom remodeling company, it’s good to ask and answer a few questions. Here are the top four questions to ask before your bathroom remodel:

Why Do You Want to Remodel Your Bathroom?

What’s your motivation? Is it no longer functioning properly, or is it outdated? What is it about your bathroom that has a problem? Take some time to find out what’s driving the idea of remodeling your bathroom before getting into the project.

How Much Space Do You Have for Your Bathroom Remodel?

A bathroom remodel comes down to balancing what you need and what you have. That will be determined by the amount of space you have to work with in your current room. Therefore, keep that in mind as it will help you be flexible and creative in remodeling your bathroom. Be conscientious of the shape of your space, too. Sometimes, bathrooms are constructed around other house areas or are given strange shapes to create space for pipes. You’ll need to work around your room’s shape when deciding on the bathroom’s design.

What Features Are Most Important to You?

Whether you have a limited amount of space or a limited amount of budget, there will come a time when you have to decide on what you will keep and what you’re willing to let go of. If you desire a luxury shower, that might be your primary focus. You can also contact a bathroom remodeling company to help you decide on the best features that fit your bathroom.

What’s Your Budget?

How much you spend is dependent on your finances and your overall budget. You should create a checklist with all associated labor costs to help look at your project realistically. From there you can decide where, if possible, you can cut back. Your desire for a certain type of light fixture, shower head, or faucet should be based on your budget. Having a set budget alongside your checklist will help you find out the non-negotiable features and proceed to hire a bathroom remodeling company.

The above questions are based on trial and error from homeowners who have experienced the remodeling process already. Now that you’ve answered the above questions, you can hire a bathroom remodeling company with confidence. Good luck with your reno! Enjoy the process. You will be pleased to watch your new space come to life.


Bathroom Remodeling Check List for Seniors

Our needs change as we age, and our home should change to accommodate those needs. Aging in place is preferred by 98% of seniors. Bathroom remodeling services can help to make sure your home remains the sanctuary it should be as you get older.

Some simple bathroom remodeling can ensure that you can safely remain in your home. Most homes are 20 years or older and do not come ready-made with the accommodations that make a bathroom a safe oasis.

The Checklist for Bathroom Remodeling

According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 230,000 bathroom slip-and-fall incidents each year require a visit to the emergency room. Trusted bathroom remodeling contractors understand the importance of not only making your bathroom aesthetically pleasing but making it safer.

For seniors the bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the house. The bathroom remodeling check-list can be used as a guide when you are speaking to bathroom remodeling contractors. Here are some modifications you should consider for your bathroom:

  • Shower modifications. Showers and tubs are rarely designed with senior safety in mind. A walk-in tub helps to improve safety in the bathroom. A seating area in the shower can also improve safety. Glass doors can provide a lot more stability than a shower curtain, and don’t forget to ask about “curbless” shower design.
  • The height of your toilet can make a difference in your level of safety. A higher commode can be a simple addition to a bathroom remodeling plan that can help you maintain your independence and stay safe. Next to the commode is a great place for a safety rail.
  • Lever faucets. Arthritic hands can struggle with turning the faucets on and off. Lever-style faucets simply require a push to operate. They can make it easier to use your bathroom.

Other considerations that you want to speak with the bathroom remodeling company about are the types of flooring in your bathroom. Many bathrooms are outfitted with slippery tile flooring which can promote a dangerous environment.

Whether you want to add a new bathroom during first-floor remodeling services, or remodel the bathroom that you have, the right bathroom remodeling services that specialize in safety for seniors can help.

Staying safe in your home has to be a priority. Making some changes to your bathroom will ensure you continue to enjoy your home and have peace of mind.


Bathroom Remodeling Trends: Bathtubs

According to Houzz, one of the top trends in bathroom design is “the resurgence of the bathtub.” 

We couldn’t agree more. We still take out more tubs than we put in, but one of our bathroom remodeling discovery questions is, “Do you want wine, candles, and leave me alone?” Many people are spending more time at home than ever before, and we all need a place to get away — even if it’s in our own bathroom. There is nothing like a hot bath to wash away the day’s worries and recharge for the next task awaiting us. Not all tubs are created equal, however. What’s the best tub for you? 

Fabulous & Freestanding 

Today’s freestanding tubs are very modern and have no resemblance to the old claw and ball foot tubs of the past. Many pictures of freestanding tubs can be found in design magazines and on social media. They can be a cost-effective addition to a space, assuming existing plumbing is nearby. Some tubs cost tens of thousands of dollars, but there are many good ones made of acrylic that are much less. The faucet can also be pricey, but our designers can find options to fit almost any budget. One caveat to consider is that as lovely and clean as they look, getting in and out of a freestanding tub can be challenging for some. Their sides are generally high, and there is not a ledge to sit on. If you have limited mobility or have a hard time lifting your leg over the edge of your current tub, a tall freestanding tub might not be for you. We can add handrails on adjacent walls that look like towel bars, but we always think safety when we design spaces, and no one is getting younger. 

Deck Mounted: Delightful or Dated?

We mostly see deck-mounted tubs around the Antelope Valley in primary bathrooms — or those hideous all-in-one fiberglass units with a separate tub & shower. Unfortunately, some deck-mounted tubs have a step in front of them. Those are usually the first things we take out. They just take up space and make it harder to get in and out of a tub. The entire all-in-one unit has to go, so the decision is what to put back: a tub and shower or just a large shower? We have done both many times.

The decking and backsplash material makes all the difference when installing a deck-mounted tub and often determines how the tub is installed. Most go on top of the decking material, but some are mounted below. 

Hallway Need — or Nuisance?  

Hall bathrooms generally have tubs. Many families, especially with younger kids, want at least one tub in the house, and the hall bath is a convenient place to put one. There are many options for these small rooms, but the decisions are usually more manageable and the space more limited. 

So — wine, candles, and leave me alone? A place to wash the kids or the dog? Take out the tub and just give me a large shower? We have designed hundreds of bathrooms with and without tubs in the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas. No two are exactly alike, and styles run the gamut from traditional to modern. There are many shapes and sizes of tubs, so our designers take the time to find the right one for you. 

It’s your choice — and your house. Let Lenton Company help you transform it into an exceptional and life-changing space!

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How To: Remodeling Your Master Bath

A master bathroom remodeling project is one of the best ways to invest in your home while improving your quality of life. It has to be beautiful, of course, but your master bathroom also works hard, and is where you prepare for your days and unwind before bed.

The trend is for bigger master bathrooms with more luxurious or individual touches. Borrowing space from an adjacent area — a vacant bedroom or closet, for example — can get you the extra room you need, but it does get complicated.

Having the help and guidance of a designer will help you make the most of the new space. If you need to move walls, you’ll want an experienced remodeling company to make sure the structure is engineered right. Working with a company that specializes in design and construction will streamline your master bathroom remodeling project.

Start by putting together your wish list. Do you need more space to get ready for your day with someone else? Separate sinks can cut down on the hassle — whether in a double vanity or two individual vanities.

Shower Trends

There’s a definite trend toward larger, more luxurious showers, often replacing the space taken up by a bathtub. Multiple showerheads, often a fixed one and a handheld, are on many people’s must-have list. That handheld shower head also comes in really handy when you’re cleaning the shower. Glass doors and enclosures can help the bathroom seem more open and airy, and building in niches between the framing allows for niches to hold bottles of shampoo. Using contrasting tiles in these niches add a pop of style.

Thinking ahead to a time when they might not be as mobile, many of our clients ask us to reinforce some areas of the frame for adding grab bars later. That’s also why zero-entry showers that have no lip are becoming popular installations — there’s no barrier to those using a mobility assist like a cane, walker, or wheelchair. They look great too. In the Lancaster area, many of the houses are built on slabs,

The Suite Spot

This is a great time to reconsider the transition space between your master bathroom and your bedroom. Putting a wak-closet and dressing room between the bath and bedroom or off the bathroom is a helpful solution for couples on different schedules — the early bird can get ready and dressed without disturbing the later riser. It also turns the whole area into a true master suite.

Lighting & Airflow

Devising a lighting scheme for your master bathroom is an important consideration. It takes experience and planning to create the correct mix of overhead and task lighting, especially around the vanity and mirrors. You want uniform light on your face when grooming or putting on make-up, and especially when you’re taking that last look before heading out to work or out for the evening.

Bathrooms can be steamy spaces, so ventilation is key to keeping moisture in check. Selecting the right equipment for your bathroom can be complicated, as well as where to place them so they’ll work best.

As you can imagine, designing and building a master bathroom that looks great and works even better takes careful planning and craftsmanship. If you’d like to get going on your master bathroom remodel, give us a call at 661-273-9179 and we’ll get started!

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