Bathroom Remodeling Trends: Bathtubs

According to Houzz, one of the top trends in bathroom design is “the resurgence of the bathtub.” 

We couldn’t agree more. We still take out more tubs than we put in, but one of our bathroom remodeling discovery questions is, “Do you want wine, candles, and leave me alone?” Many people are spending more time at home than ever before, and we all need a place to get away — even if it’s in our own bathroom. There is nothing like a hot bath to wash away the day’s worries and recharge for the next task awaiting us. Not all tubs are created equal, however. What’s the best tub for you? 

Fabulous & Freestanding 

Today’s freestanding tubs are very modern and have no resemblance to the old claw and ball foot tubs of the past. Many pictures of freestanding tubs can be found in design magazines and on social media. They can be a cost-effective addition to a space, assuming existing plumbing is nearby. Some tubs cost tens of thousands of dollars, but there are many good ones made of acrylic that are much less. The faucet can also be pricey, but our designers can find options to fit almost any budget. One caveat to consider is that as lovely and clean as they look, getting in and out of a freestanding tub can be challenging for some. Their sides are generally high, and there is not a ledge to sit on. If you have limited mobility or have a hard time lifting your leg over the edge of your current tub, a tall freestanding tub might not be for you. We can add handrails on adjacent walls that look like towel bars, but we always think safety when we design spaces, and no one is getting younger. 

Deck Mounted: Delightful or Dated?

We mostly see deck-mounted tubs around the Antelope Valley in primary bathrooms — or those hideous all-in-one fiberglass units with a separate tub & shower. Unfortunately, some deck-mounted tubs have a step in front of them. Those are usually the first things we take out. They just take up space and make it harder to get in and out of a tub. The entire all-in-one unit has to go, so the decision is what to put back: a tub and shower or just a large shower? We have done both many times.

The decking and backsplash material makes all the difference when installing a deck-mounted tub and often determines how the tub is installed. Most go on top of the decking material, but some are mounted below. 

Hallway Need — or Nuisance?  

Hall bathrooms generally have tubs. Many families, especially with younger kids, want at least one tub in the house, and the hall bath is a convenient place to put one. There are many options for these small rooms, but the decisions are usually more manageable and the space more limited. 

So — wine, candles, and leave me alone? A place to wash the kids or the dog? Take out the tub and just give me a large shower? We have designed hundreds of bathrooms with and without tubs in the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas. No two are exactly alike, and styles run the gamut from traditional to modern. There are many shapes and sizes of tubs, so our designers take the time to find the right one for you. 

It’s your choice — and your house. Let Lenton Company help you transform it into an exceptional and life-changing space!


Whole-Home Remodeling Services Ensure You Love Where You Live

Many transformations are possible when it comes to whole-home remodeling. Do you dream of having a gourmet kitchen with technologically advanced appliances? Perhaps a cheery and welcoming breakfast nook or a family room overhaul are plans you’ve had tucked away until the time was right.

Every inch of your home from floor to ceiling can be transformed with new flooring, paint, architectural and interior designs, additions, and more. The home changes you yearn for can be accomplished by design-build contractors with decades of experience remodeling homes into beautiful and functional spaces. You will enjoy many benefits working with design-build specialists.

Bring Your Remodeling Dreams to Life

Expert design-build firms understand how to manage numerous details of a whole-home remodeling project. They are your single point of contact that brings team-based planning, design, selection, and building services together. There aren’t any shortcuts. A design-build contractor has the goal of achieving the precise look their clients have envisioned. The work they provide is more consistent, efficient, and less stressful, giving you a project experience that is second to none.

Inspired Designs Are Collaborative

You have design ideas and design-build remodeling contractors do too. All of your dreams, hopes, and home remodeling ideas will be discussed during a thorough discovery meeting. The opportunity to speak with talented designers can spark creativity and uncover design aspects that perfectly fit your space.

When you work with a well-versed team that understands every design style, you are assured your whole-home remodeling project stays current and utilizes the latest trends. You may even discover needs you didn’t realize you had. Overall, you are ensured whole-home remodeling services that accurately fit your personality and life. Talented design-build contractors can show you how your space will look before work begins using 3D illustrations so you know exactly what to expect.

Give Your Home the “Wow” Factor

Even the tiniest built-in addition can make a huge difference. Maybe it’s time to open your home by knocking down a few walls. Are you ready to turn your ordinary home into a custom masterpiece? Whole-home remodeling contractors plan and design cleverly to ensure your newly remodeled home will exceed your expectations. High-quality materials are used to transform your living space into a truly gorgeous abode full of the luxuries you’ve always wanted. Every choice, including even the tiniest details, makes an immense difference.

Practical Scheduling Ensures Deadlines Are Met

Whole home remodeling contractors strive to create a space you love. This includes creating a project schedule that aligns with the desired date for completion. It also reflects and includes the reality of an occasional surprise. You can expect your design-build team to closely adhere to their project schedule. Any estimated delays are communicated as soon as possible so their services are unobtrusive.

The Design-Build Process Is Smooth

The beauty of using design-build whole home remodeling services includes having the entire team on-board from the very beginning. There are fewer problems because everyone has a hand in developing the remodeling plans. Much of the struggle that comes with home remodeling is eliminated when you work with an established design-build team.

Conflicts can arise when a remodeling project is handled by separate design companies and building contractors. They each have different ideas that could lead to delays and unfinished work. A design-build team knows how to work together and is more open to your ideas and suggestions. When you use a design-build firm, your entire home remodeling project will go smoothly.

Your Home Will Be Perfect Upon Completion

Using a local design-build firm ensures you are getting reliable, honest, and detail-oriented services. Every effort is made to ensure your newly remodeled home meets and exceeds your standards. It is truly rewarding to see your entire home completely remodeled to fit your unique personality and lifestyle.


Floating Shelves: Open, Airy, and in Style

The Wall Street Journal recently posted its top home trends for 2021, outlining what is in and what is out in the world of home design. While most of the Journal’s trendspotting is true for our area, there is one statement we respectfully disagree:

“OUT: Chaos-Courting Open Shelving”

True, a kitchen with no upper cabinets and only open shelves could be your nightmare, but a few carefully placed shelves give many spaces an open, airy feel. It can provide a place for plants, display items, or other things that bring joy. You can also place often-used items within easy reach.

In addition, painted cabinets, especially white, are still trending. The clean look appeals to many and is timeless. We sometimes bring in stained open shelves to give a kitchen some warmth and to celebrate wood and craftsmanship.

Most of our shelves are built by local cabinet makers. They use a hidden cleat system that is strong and really has no limit to what, or how much, you can put on them. We have also used live edge lumber from Angel City Lumber for shelves and mantels. They mill fallen trees from around the Los Angeles area. This installation is trickier in that we must core a hole in the shelves and epoxy a dowel or rebar. We add blocking in the wall during rough carpentry and epoxy the rods to the blocking through the drywall.

Take a close look at the following picture. Do you see any tile cuts? Are we that good? Yes, but this job required a lot of planning and precise execution. The tile backsplash not only went up to the ceiling but was on both walls. The tile has a soft undulating edge that resembles hand-made tile, so we did not want to cut them horizontally — especially with a darker grout on a very light tile. We had our cabinet maker make the shelves exactly the same height as the tiles. They were fit into the space, but then removed. We then stained the shelves and had them ready onsite. Our tile setter ran the first section of backsplash and then took a break while we installed the first shelf. This process continued for the next two shelves. It’s a small detail that many would not see but makes all the difference.

As you can see by these pictures, we have added shelves in many rooms — not just kitchens. Even our design studio has them!

So, with respect to our friends at the Wall Street Journal, we will continue to suggest some floating shelves to meet our customers’ needs.

Wondering how the latest trends would work in your space? Contact us today to learn more about updating and upgrading your home.