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Robert Lenton


Robert is known for his integrity, careful listening, and high standards — values instilled by his father, and Lenton Company founder, Bob Lenton. He brings these values to every design and remodeling project to create exceptional, life-changing spaces for homeowners throughout the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas.

When not at work, Robert enjoys tandem bicycling with his wife Evelyn, going to the Hollywood Bowl, cooking, camping, and hiking.

Evelyn Lenton


Evelyn creates exceptional customer experiences for our clients. It’s a job well-suited to this former graphic artist and retired educator, and one she takes seriously — after all, Lenton Company’s deep roots in the Antelope Valley make those they serve more than clients; they’re fellow community members. Evelyn says it’s especially rewarding to work in a family business with her husband (and high-school sweetheart) Robert, and their daughter Kendal.

In addition to making dream homes a reality, Evelyn spends time tandem bike touring and enjoying life with family and friends

Evelyn Lenton

Kendal Lenton

Design/Sales Manager

Lenton Company is literally in Kendal’s blood; she’s the third generation in the design-build profession. As design/sales manager, Kendal’s keen attention to detail ensures all the parts and pieces fall into place so remodeling jobs run smoothly. She is also a licensed contractor.

When she’s not keeping Lenton Company together, Kendal enjoys gardening, cooking, and loving on her fur baby, a Shiba Inu named Kitsune.

Karla Madrid


Designer Karla Madrid has always loved architecture and decorating, but especially enjoys kitchen design. From fixture selections to feature suggestions, Karla excels at bringing homeowners’ unique kitchen dreams to life.

In her free time, she can often be found planning parties, decorating, and being “crafty”. She currently lives in Palmdale with her husband, two children, and dog Aloha.

Lizsela Gutierrez


Lizsela Gutierrez is a detail-oriented build manager with a passion for organization, timelines, and tracking progress. Her transition from the building supply industry gives her unique insight on the material ordering and scheduling process, and her always-positive attitude makes her a joy to be around!

Lizsela enjoys participating in Crossfit and fitness challenges, but mostly loves spending time with her young daughter. 

Charayah Nicole Bowman


Raised in Granada Hills, Charayah made the decision along with her siblings to seek a different living experience, leading them to relocate to the Antelope Valley. Being the oldest among her seven siblings, she derives great satisfaction from assisting others. Charayah joins Lenton Company with a broad background in customer service in a new position that bridges the design and build functions of client work.

Charayah has a love for history and a Bachelor’s degree in U.S. History. During her leisure time, she indulges in a diverse array of arts and crafts, including knitting, sewing, cooking, and reading.

Tarsis “Levi” Alvarado


Levi knows his way around a kitchen. After more than a decade cooking for high-end restaurants in the Los Angeles metro area, he decided to put down the ladle and pick up a hammer to learn remodeling. He’s excited to bring remodel plans to life for clients and work in the field with amazing coworkers. For Levi, family is everything. He first moved to the Antelope Valley to help his parents and ended up meeting his wife, raising a family, and planting permanent roots.

In his off hours, adventurous road trips and painting on Sunday nights are at the heart of this blended family of 10.

Natanael “Nate” Lossi


Nate was born and raised in Los Angeles, then moved to the Antelope Valley with his parents. He comes from a hard-working, honest, and disciplined family having finished military high school himself. In his first job he learned the importance of punctuality and communication. Nate joins Lenton Company with several years bathroom remodeling experience. As a remodeler, he enjoys challenging tasks and meeting new people.

In his off hours, playing video games, jamming on bass, and lifting weights are some of Nate’s favorite pastimes.



Every office needs someone to keep the team smiling, and at Lenton Company that position is happily filled by Kitsune (Kit for short), an adorable Shiba Inu. Keeping things chipper sometimes requires a little creativity or humor. Kitsune keeps everyone in stitches when she plays dead on command — and will even hang her tongue out of her mouth for dramatic effect and extra laughs.

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