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What’s the Best Sink Style For My Guest Bathroom?

When Max Anderson,’s chief economist, examined survey results, he found three out of four families completed at least one major home renovation project since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Deck construction, significant landscaping, and new fence installation led to the surge, while adding home offices, guest bathrooms, and mother-in-law quarters increased sharply. If you’re thinking about a guest bathroom renovation, it’s important to think about the style of your sink, and who will be using it.

Universal Design Principles

When renovating a guest bathroom, ask your bathroom remodeling contractors to use universal design principles. These principles ensure that everyone can use the bathroom without feeling stigmatized or segregated. Universal designs allow right or left-handed users to turn faucet handles easily, for example.

Space Requirements

Reachable, intuitive features such as deeper sink basins and dual faucet controls allow children and guests to use the bathroom safely. A universal design bathroom also has a five-foot turning radius with overlapping 30-inch by 48-inch clear floor spaces at each sink, tub, or toilet.

Ideal Sink Types

Countertops should measure 32 inches from the floor and have knee space below the counter 29 inches high. If the sink basin includes a cabinet, the doors should fold aside. Select deeper, wider basins to reduce cleanup. Additionally, folding, sliding or pocket cabinet doors allow differently-abled guests to remain seated while using the bathroom.

Safety Features

Young children need a single-step stool to reach water taps and hold their hands under the water. Wall-mounted sinks require pipe protection to prevent burns or injuries from sharp fixtures. Some pedestal basins may block guests from reaching the sink, so work with your bathroom remodeling contractors to select the right sink.

Choose sinks with bowls as close to the front as possible to accommodate small children and guests who use mobility or stability aids. Single-lever controls and pressure-balanced anti-scald valves make turning the water on and off easier and prevent burns. Additionally, integrated sinks provide the safest support for older guests and young children.

An integrated sink consists of a single molded piece that includes both the basin and the countertop. The one-piece construction combined with cabinetry and grab bars will not fail when a child climbs on it, for example.

Lastly, sit in a chair to get a child’s or elder’s-eye perspective. Try using the sink without getting wet or risking a fall. Can you reach the sink controls and hygiene supplies? Does the sink include secure grab bars? If not, include these features when you and your bathroom remodeling contractors select your new sinks.


The Importance of Color

If you’re considering redesigning your home or space, color choices may seem like the least of your worries at the beginning, falling behind things like material choices or budget. Yet, your choice of color palette can completely define your remodel.

Here at Lenton Company, we know the importance of color, and how it can make or break a space. We stay up to date on what colors are trending, keeping in mind how we can make each and every remodel special, down to the gritty details.

Soothing Simplicity:

So, what’s in style today? Color trends are always evolving, and never a sure thing, but they sure are a great way to get ideas. Throughout this year, simple, subtle color palettes have taken the throne in popularity. So, warm pastels might just be the cherry on top for your home. If that’s not your style then no worries, color trends are far from a rule book.

Color of the Year:

We work closely with Dunn Edwards for all our remodel painting needs. As paint pros, we make sure to pay attention to their take on color. Each year they release a color of the year, with this year’s being Art & Craft, a mellow, earthy brown. This calming and subtle color will make any space feel like home.

See the Color Here

Be Prepared:

When considering a remodel, we promote all our clients to create a color splash and brainstorm ideas for a future palette for their space. This way, we can best help point you in the right direction for a design that you’ll love for years to come.

Picking the Right One:

If you’re having trouble picking colors, we get it, there are so many to choose from! Luckily, we’re here to help, with expert designers to guide you on your color and design journey. In the Design phase, we will help you to sort through colors and materials, finding exactly what you’re looking for.

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What Are the Most Popular Home Renovations Since the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Over the last year, home improvement has seen a significant surge. More money is being spent on home improvements as people are spending money that they previously spent on dining in restaurants, travel, and entertainment. If you’re curious about the most popular home renovations since the COVID-19 pandemic, have a look at four of them below.

Bathroom Renovations

Renovations to the bathroom have always been popular, and they have just become more popular. A good design-build contractor will help you realize the intentions you want for your bathroom, whether you want to change the finishes or even add extra space. A good bathroom renovation will make the bathroom more comfortable for the entire family, so you may consider doing one yourself.

Smart Home Improvements

In a digital age, it only makes sense to live in a smart home. There are many smart home improvements that can be made, from smart thermostats and electronically controlled doorknobs to smart home security systems and control units that let you manage your home’s temperature, security, and more from one point.

Fencing and Landscaping

This improvement was done by homeowners seeking to create an outdoor haven. Introducing a fence is crucial for improving privacy and safety, and a design-build contractor can help you find the right materials and style to use. Landscaping will give the space a facelift, and you can add features like lights and more for a gorgeous appearance.

Floor Renovations

This popular home improvement will see your house increase in value, becoming more modern in the process. If your home has an old floor, renovating it can give you benefits like changing the material, color, and adding features like floor heating. To make sure you get the most bang for your buck, you should enlist the services of an experienced design-build contractor.

The fact that between 2020 and 2021 the home remodeling searches done on Google have doubled shows that many people are keen on improving their spaces. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, you should know that paying for the services of a professional always pays off. Lenton Company can help you achieve your dream home. Contact us today!