Why You Need A Design-Build Contractor

A home is a tangible asset around which people build their lives, careers, and families. It is, therefore, of paramount importance that the design, build, and feel of a home is correct. This is where design-build contractors come in handy.

In the United States, 80% of houses are older than 20 years old, so design-build contractors are a wonderful addition to the home-improvement industry. They help to combine two essential services for remodels/additions: designing how it will be, and then actually getting it done! Instead of consulting with two separate entities, the complete workflow of the home project is under one roof and one integrated team.

Why should you consider using design-build contractors? Whether you’re doing some bathroom remodeling or trying to overhaul your whole home, you can’t go wrong when everything is integrated in one organization. Here’s how design-build contractors give you more control and satisfaction when you remodel your home.

Accountability For the Project

When you interact with design-build contractors, you are talking to a team that is literally responsible for the entire project. From the cost to the materials, every aspect of your home remodeling project is in their hands. When everything is done under one organization, nothing can slip through the cracks. This enables the project to be completed successfully.

Get the Best in Quality Expertise

Because a design-build firm is able to do it all, they have expertise in many different areas of the remodeling process. No matter whether you’re doing exterior remodeling or focusing on the interior, they have done projects like this before. You can trust them to get it done right the first time.

A design-build organization melds two specialties that work well together: design and construction. This gives you the tremendous advantage of working with architects that think like builders, and builders that have numerous interactions with architects. No matter what materials or design you’re trying to use, someone has seen it before and can give their best advice.

Open, Honest, and (More) Frequent Communication

Sometimes when you’re pursuing a home improvement project, even if it’s something simple like kitchen remodeling, contractors and designers can have a “hands-off” attitude when dealing with homeowners. Even worse, many of them avoid the input of a homeowner since they think their word is the law. The design-build process is different in that it allows for better, more active communication overall. After all, the client must like the finished product. Design-build contractors always want feedback from the homeowners to better improve their business practices.

Time Savings

Design-build firms are extraordinarily efficient with people’s time and money. These companies have a tight schedule that stays in step with what they’re promised. Instead of dealing with a subcontractor that is doing their 25th bathroom of the month, you’re dealing with a firm that is doing your custom bathroom because they have designed and planned it.

When you’re ready to transform your home, contact the design-build contractors you can trust. At Lenton Company, you can depend on our team of experienced, licensed contractors to give you the home you desire. Call today!

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