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How a First-Floor Remodel Can Change Your Home

You know what an asset and treasure your home is. It’s not just your haven from the world, it should represent your style, taste, and the way you live and entertain. It’s also most people’s largest financial investment.

Many people like the idea of home improvement, while others hate the thought of a long-term project. That’s one of the many reasons why design-build contractors have become so popular. In fact, the home-improvement industry is growing at twice the rate of every other retail category.

Let’s focus on a specific type of home improvement: first-floor remodeling. Since the first-floor is where many people enter and interact with a home, it tends to contain the most important elements for actually living. Let’s take a quick dive into how improving the first floor can be a boon for the whole home.

Investing in Open Space Layouts

First-floor remodeling gives you the ability to consider an open space layout. When walls are broken down and a free-flowing space is achieved, your home can seem more personable. This may not seem like a big deal, but many people in the kitchen remodeling space will tell you that it is among the most-requested home remodels. Instead of separating living areas of the home, you enable people to cook in the kitchen or lounge at the dinner table while also participating in discussions with those watching the football game on TV.

Focus On the Kitchen

In first-floor remodeling, some people tend to focus on additions to their homes. After all, building a master suite is another popular choice. But many more people focus on the kitchen during their first-floor projects. The kitchen is a place we use every day, throughout the day, so many people want to improve its storage, improve the space, and update the appliances. Mix, match, and collaborate with your design-build contractors to finally get your perfect kitchen.

Add Space Where It’s Needed

A first-floor remodeling project is the perfect opportunity to expand your space. This may mean adding a first-floor bedroom, which is useful if you are trying to future-proof your home. You might also want to consider adding a sunroom or patio for when the weather gets nice. Expanding your space can give you more bedrooms, more storage, or anything else you might need.

Make Your Space Fit Your Lifestyle

When you pursue first-floor remodeling with gusto, you’ll be able to walk through your house in a way that you may never have before. When you’re ready to change your home’s first floor, contact the Lenton Company.

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