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The Deluxe Pantry: The Ultimate Space-Saving Storage Solution

Dreaming of the perfect pantry but lack the space for a walk-in? Meet the deluxe pantry.

The deluxe pantry is a completely custom kitchen storage solution housed in a cabinet, rather than the traditional walk-in closet style pantry. Its efficient use of space makes it perfect for smaller kitchens or where a walk-in is impractical, and its personalized design ensures a place for everything and everything in its place.

Our first deluxe pantry was inspired by a homeowner’s Houzz find in 2017. We crafted the ideal pantry cabinet as part of their kitchen renovation, but our clients worked for the military and had to transfer shortly after its completion. When the new homeowners contacted us about upgrading a few other areas in the house, we were thrilled to see the deluxe pantry was still a much-appreciated element in the kitchen.

These days, the deluxe pantry is a frequently requested Lenton Company specialty. Read on to learn how to maximize these spaces.

The Great In-Doors

Whether your deluxe pantry will be small or large, take advantage of the doors. Door shelving is perfect for frequently accessed items, as well as small collections like spices and oils. Your Lenton Company designer will work with you to configure the doors and interior shelves to the correct depths to keep those items within easy reach. 

In the Shallows

Your storage can actually be more efficient with shallow cabinets than deep pantries. Opt for several shelves of varying heights — after all, if you can’t see the food in the back of the pantry, you’re unlikely to use it. Shallow shelving makes everything easy to find, use, and put away again — especially when these fixed shelves are at or above eye level.

Sliding Drawers

Pull-out drawers are an ideal way to have all your needs at your fingertips, especially if your cabinet is deep. Depending on the items you need to store, you can choose drawers of different heights to store items of all shapes, weights and sizes. Adding custom section separators can help keep things well-organized within these drawers, as well. 

Closed Camouflage

While you may want to show off your expertly organized pantry to the world, when entertaining family and friends, you will appreciate cabinetry that allows it to blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen. Keeping your assorted food and preparation items conveniently close but hidden makes your culinary world both easy and beautiful.

Ready to craft your custom kitchen pantry cabinet? Contact us today to learn how a deluxe pantry can solve all your storage needs.

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