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What’s the Best Sink Style For My Guest Bathroom?

When Max Anderson,’s chief economist, examined survey results, he found three out of four families completed at least one major home renovation project since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Deck construction, significant landscaping, and new fence installation led to the surge, while adding home offices, guest bathrooms, and mother-in-law quarters increased sharply. If you’re thinking about a guest bathroom renovation, it’s important to think about the style of your sink, and who will be using it.

Universal Design Principles

When renovating a guest bathroom, ask your bathroom remodeling contractors to use universal design principles. These principles ensure that everyone can use the bathroom without feeling stigmatized or segregated. Universal designs allow right or left-handed users to turn faucet handles easily, for example.

Space Requirements

Reachable, intuitive features such as deeper sink basins and dual faucet controls allow children and guests to use the bathroom safely. A universal design bathroom also has a five-foot turning radius with overlapping 30-inch by 48-inch clear floor spaces at each sink, tub, or toilet.

Ideal Sink Types

Countertops should measure 32 inches from the floor and have knee space below the counter 29 inches high. If the sink basin includes a cabinet, the doors should fold aside. Select deeper, wider basins to reduce cleanup. Additionally, folding, sliding or pocket cabinet doors allow differently-abled guests to remain seated while using the bathroom.

Safety Features

Young children need a single-step stool to reach water taps and hold their hands under the water. Wall-mounted sinks require pipe protection to prevent burns or injuries from sharp fixtures. Some pedestal basins may block guests from reaching the sink, so work with your bathroom remodeling contractors to select the right sink.

Choose sinks with bowls as close to the front as possible to accommodate small children and guests who use mobility or stability aids. Single-lever controls and pressure-balanced anti-scald valves make turning the water on and off easier and prevent burns. Additionally, integrated sinks provide the safest support for older guests and young children.

An integrated sink consists of a single molded piece that includes both the basin and the countertop. The one-piece construction combined with cabinetry and grab bars will not fail when a child climbs on it, for example.

Lastly, sit in a chair to get a child’s or elder’s-eye perspective. Try using the sink without getting wet or risking a fall. Can you reach the sink controls and hygiene supplies? Does the sink include secure grab bars? If not, include these features when you and your bathroom remodeling contractors select your new sinks.

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