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Home Renovation Ideas for a Growing Family

A growing family needs more room in their home. The adults require space without clutter to work and live, and the children need areas to play or study. You may have found the perfect home for you and your family, with one shortcoming — it doesn’t suit your needs as a growing family. You should consider hiring design-build contractors to help with home improvements. Here are some home remodeling tips that can help you make use of the existing space and even add some more.

Renovate the Attic or Basement

Most people use the basement and attic as storage. However, there are ways you can declutter and transform those spaces into more functional rooms. With the help of design-build contractors, you can turn these areas into home offices, extra bedrooms, or living areas. The key is to properly design the rooms to suit whichever need you want to address.

Switch to an Open Floor Plan

Consider knocking down some walls to create an open floor plan. Most homeowners knock down the walls for an unobstructed view of the dining area, living room, and kitchen. It instantly opens up space and brings in more natural light. Your growing family can enjoy using these rooms without feeling overcrowded.

Build an Addition

You can opt to build up or out. When building out to create extra space, you will need additional square footage. When building up, adding square footage is not necessary. Before building an addition, hire design-built contractors and discuss the feasibility of the project.

Add or Expand a Bathroom

If there are not enough bathrooms in the house to suit everyone’s needs, then consider expanding or adding one. It can be hectic when everyone is trying to get ready in the morning but you have to wait on each other, which takes time. Add a half bath or full bath and see the difference it makes. You could consider converting the food pantry or closet into a bathroom, especially for guests.

Add Creative Storage

Installing storage facilities wisely in your home can help get additional space. Talk to design-build contractors about how you can integrate storage into newly created spaces. Think of built-in bookcases, double-duty desks, or any other storage options that reduce clutter.

Many homeowners are opting for renovation projects rather than moving, which has seen the home improvement industry growing twice the rate of every other retail category. Therefore, do not shy away from your dream home because it does not perfectly address the needs of your growing family. Get design-build contractors to help you see how you can make use of the space you have.

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