We change peoples’ lives: more specifically, we change how they live in their homes. Our goal with every kitchen we remodel, every bathroom upgrade, and every addition is to improve our customers’ lives and well being. It’s a tall order to strive for, but that’s why we love what we do, and we are pretty good at it. Let’s face it, most kitchens and bathrooms were not designed with much thought.

When meeting with potential clients we spend the first 10-15 minutes just talking. I ask questions like, what do you like about your kitchen. How do you use it? What do you not like about it? How often do you cook? Are holiday meals celebrated there? Do you watch HGTV or The Food Network? Do you have magazines marked, or photos of styles you like? Have you been to our or other web sites, or visited our Facebook page? If so, what were some of the things you liked? These questions help provide a picture of your optimal kitchen design.

We recently completed a kitchen remodel for Rick and Mary Ellen. They have a nice home on property which they keep in great shape. The kitchen was u-shaped with only one way to get in and out. Rick admittedly is a little possessive when he is in the kitchen…like stay clear or you’re going to get run over. To get to his oversized BBQ outside he had to walk around the whole kitchen and through the dining and family rooms. When I first saw their kitchen there was a large white board on a pantry door. This is how he runs his life. I proposed a large island kitchen. They had the room and other family members might get to help with meals. I included a message center now behind cabinet doors so Rick can schedule his life but Mary Ellen does not have to see it all day long. We changed their lives. They can hardly wipe the smiles off their faces when talking about their new kitchen! When friends and family come over everyone gathers in the kitchen to watch, help, or just be in the middle of the sweet chaos. Check out their project on our Facebook page.

Jim and Linda’s kitchen had different issues; they had an island, but it did not work. It was too big and just became a place to lay things on. We ended up turning the island and adding a cook top. This required cutting the concrete, trenching for gas, and installing duct work, but it was well worth it. As part of the design, we added a custom-built hutch to match the kitchen cabinets. Jim is a construction superintendent for large commercial projects. He was wise enough to know not to remodel his own kitchen. We completed their project in just over three weeks, right before the holidays and checked in with them after the New Year. Linda gushed how nicely the kitchen performed with their ever-growing family. Cooking and serving was a joy! We changed their lives, too. Check out their kitchen on our Facebook page.

We have changed the lives of hundreds of others in the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas. We can change your life too. Call us @ 661-273-9179 for an appointment.

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