Evelyn Lenton

Evelyn Lenton

Marketing & Customer Relations
  • elenton@lentoncompany.com
Evelyn Lenton


They say a satisfied customer is the best business strategy, and it’s one Evelyn mastered in middle school. Working as a papergirl one childhood summer, she quickly realized “it was easier to collect money from happy customers than someone who felt you didn’t do a good job for them.”

That commitment to happy customers is still central to her role with Lenton Company, where she manages customer relations and marketing — a skill-set she dedicated many years to as a graphic artist after earning a design major at UCLA. She also spent the last 15 years as an educator, and plans to work full-time for Lenton Company once she retires from teaching.

Evelyn says it’s especially rewarding to work in a family business with her husband Robert, her high school sweetheart, and their daughter Kendal.

But Evelyn and Robert like to do more than just talk business. One of their favorite pastimes is tandem bicycle touring. In fact, they’ll be hitting the Lewis and Clark Trail on their bike soon and Evelyn will put her hidden talent of efficient packing to the test. She’s a master at visualizing how to make everything fit perfectly – in a suitcase, in a car, in the dishwasher, and in a bike pannier.

Evelyn says life has taught her to “bloom where you’re planted,” and that currently means enjoying her two amazing daughters, Kendal and Taylor; her equally wonderful sons-in-law Pat and Justin; and her sweet grand-puppy, Kitsune.

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