Robert Lenton

Robert Lenton

Robert Lenton


Though Robert had a roundabout path to Lenton Company, he couldn’t be any happier now at the helm. “I love changing people’s lives by designing and remodeling their homes,” he says.

But long before he was transforming people’s homes, Robert was working the drive-through at local taco shop Naugles—a high school job that taught him to be a good listener, a skill that still serves him well at Lenton Company. It was during those high school years he discovered a few other talents, too. “I seemed to excel in geometry and finding cute girls like my future wife, Evelyn.”

He continued to court Evelyn while they both attended UCLA (Go Bruins!), where he studied economics. The couple wed after graduating, and life’s adventures had taken them to Albuquerque when Robert’s father passed away suddenly. That untimely death brought Robert back to Antelope Valley, where he partnered with his stepmother, Sheila, to continue Lenton Company. He has now served as president of the family business for nearly 30 years.

Over those three decades, Robert and Evelyn have raised two now-married daughters, Kendal, who helps run Lenton Company, and Taylor. “I feel such a sense of pride that Lenton Company is now three generations strong.”

When not at work, Robert enjoys cycling with his wife Evelyn, taking in UCLA football games, and walking a slack line, which he does without falling off …. much.

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