Chief Barketing Officer


Every office needs someone to keep the team smiling, and at Lenton Company, that position is happily filled by Kitsune (Kit for short), an adorable Shiba Inu.

Keeping things chipper sometimes requires a little creativity or humor. For example, Kitsune keeps everyone in stitches when she plays dead on command—and will even hang her tongue out of her mouth, for dramatic effect and extra laughs.

While she enjoys dazzling all her coworkers, Kitsune’s favorite part of the job is getting to be near her mom, Kendal, Lenton Company’s Production Manager. In fact, Shiba Inus are known for becoming strongly attached to one person—and Kit is no exception when it comes to her mom. So, when Kendal leaves the office to visit a jobsite, Kit will sit and wait patiently for her to return.

When she is not in the office, Kitsune enjoys visiting grandpa and grandma’s house, where she is properly spoiled. Her other hobbies include napping and snuggling with her mom Kendal, naturally.

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