Kendal Lenton Cooney


Production Manager
Kendal Lenton-Cooney


In her current role as production manager for Lenton Company, Kendal prides herself on paying attention to detail.

“I like making sure all the parts and pieces fall into place so that the job runs smoothly,” she explains. She technically began her work with Lenton Company doing occasional office work back in high school, which is fitting considering her father Robert is the company president.

After cutting her teeth at Lenton Company, Kendal went on to work in the information technology department at Southern Oregon University and was a receptionist at an insurance company. Working for the family business was not part of her life plan, but when she returned to the Antelope Valley in 2010 she realized it was the “perfect job she never thought she wanted.” Joining the company made Kendal the third generation of Lenton to work for the company.

When she’s not making sure things run smoothly at Lenton Company, Kendal enjoys studying Kung Fu and flying to small airports for breakfast with her husband Pat as the pilot.

Kendal and her husband have one “fur baby,” a six-year old Shiba Inu named Kitsune.

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