Devin Scheiern

Devin Scheiern

Lead Tradesman
Devin Scheiern


 As the eldest of five children, Devin learned early on how to cooperate well with others. Today, that skill helps him deliver top-notch customer service at Lenton Company, where he serves as a lead tradesman.

“I really enjoy working with the customers to give them what they want, and to help make their remodel experience as stress free as possible,” he says.

Devin began working with Lenton Company in 2013 as an electrician, and has since excelled, learning new skills along the way.

Devin’s love for learning has also inspired him to pursue a degree in psychology at Antelope Valley College. In fact, he dreams of someday traveling the world to learn from different lifestyles and cultures.

“My ultimate goal would be to help others along the way in any way I could.”

Devin grew up on the eastside of Palmdale and enjoys spending time with his family, often getting together for birthdays, holidays and celebrations.

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