The lonely hall bathroom - we all have them. They are usually 5’ wide and come in various lengths. Some as small as 5’, some twice as long with a dividing wall between the tub/toilet area and the vanity. Over time they lose their luster. The pink fixtures look just a tad dated. The wide grout, if not permanently stained by mold, looks terrible. Did we really think the bright gold faucets would stay in style for 20 years? The fiberglass tub/shower unit, if not already cracked, is stained and scratched from years of trying to keep it clean. That first generation water saver toilet requires three flushes to work. What to do?

Lenton Company has remodeled hundreds of bathrooms over our almost 30 year history. We have changed tub/showers to showers and sometimes showers to tubs. We have removed fiberglass and caste iron tubs. We have ripped out thousands of square feet of small tile with wide grout. A lot of that grout was 1980’s rose colored. The old vanity with a 10” high toe kicks with no drawers - we have a special place at the dump for those beauties. We just shake our head removing discount ceramic floor tile installed by discount tile setters.

While many hall baths look similar, we do not have one way to remodel yours. Everybody has different needs and desires. Some just want a basic, cleaner, and working bathroom for the kids. Some want “that” bathroom they have seen in the latest design magazine, on our web site, or HGTV.

When you call us to inquire about a bathroom remodel, we still come out to see your house. We talk to you about your needs and your vision. Back at the office we come up with the perfect design for you. We do ask what your budget is so we can match your dreams with your pocketbook. When we come back with a proposal and price, it is clear what is covered (usually everything) and what we propose to do. This is not a high pressure sales pitch. At Lenton Company we do not like to be “hard sold” and we figure you do not like it either. Even a small bathroom can be a major investment in your house; we want you to be comfortable with us and what we are proposing.

Once you say yes our interior designer meets with you to help select your fixtures and finishes. It really is like HGTV just showed up at your front door! Once we start, we stay on the job and finish in a matter of weeks, not months.

Check out some of our many projects on our web site: “Like” us on Facebook, or call us for an appointment at 661-273-9179. You too could have “that” bathroom sooner than you think.

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