Our goal is to remodel your kitchen in three weeks. Every job is different and some jobs require moving walls but we hit the mark on most every project. We know one of the many fears you have before starting a remodel project is “will they finish?” We will and quicker than you thought possible.

Pre-construction design and planning along with field supervision is the key to our success. During the design phase you have already seen your new kitchen on my computer. We have “walked around” your kitchen in 3D looking at every cabinet, corner and wall. You have met with our in-house interior designer. It’s really like HGTV just walked through your door! The designer brings wood, granite and tile samples to your home along with fixtures catalogs and paint chips. At the end of a two-hour design session you have selected all the finishes, fixtures and colors for your new kitchen (or bath). When you sign a contract with us you (and we) know exactly what you are getting. We can then order all the materials, parts and pieces that go into your project. We alert all our subcontractors about your upcoming job and they prepare for your project and order their materials. We have a virtual meeting with our team and agree on a start date. We will not start your project unless everybody agrees they can make the date. We have a pre-construction meeting with you and Cliff, our project manager and list maker extraordinaire. 

When construction starts, the fun begins. Keep clear because things move fast!

During the first week we complete the demolition. Electrical and plumbing are moved or added as required for the new design. Our drywall team then installs any new drywall and/or patches all the walls and ceilings in the affected area. We do all of this yet keep the work area organized and we clean-up after ourselves every day.

The second week we prime the walls and cabinets are installed. In a previous article I discussed why we use custom cabinets. After cabinet installation, the countertop crew arrives to make a full size and/or virtual template and sends it to the fabrication shop. Our painter, a true artist, then gets going. We paint or stain the cabinets on-site for a superior job. Check out our website and to see his work @ www.lentoncompany.com. We can usually install some of the electrical trim and light fixtures by the end of the week.

The countertop arrives at the beginning of the third week and the kitchen is really starting to take shape! If you chose a tile backsplash or flooring the tile team arrives the next day. The rest of the week we are installing appliances, sinks, faucets and lighting fixtures. We install the cabinet hardware and touch-up as necessary. By the end of the third week you have a new kitchen or bathroom!

Find us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/lentoncompany. We regularly post pictures of jobs in progress.

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