Cabinets are at the heart of every kitchen remodel job we do and a big part of our bath projects. We use a local custom cabinet shop. We do not buy cabinets from the big box stores or import them from the Midwest, Southeast, Mexico, or China; they are made right here in the Antelope Valley.

Most “box” cabinets (we call them that because they come in cardboard boxes) are made in 3” incremental widths starting at 12” wide, then 15”, up to 36”. Since most kitchens are not so standard they end up with a filler, a blank piece of wood, to fill in the empty spaces. What a waste! Our kitchens use every inch possible. The box cabinets must be screwed together, creating unsightly and often uneven seams. Our custom cabinets are built as one long piece – spanning the entire wall. Heavy - yes, but much higher quality.

Box cabinets have limited options. You can have a 4 drawer stack as long as it is a certain width. How about a 36” wide drawer stack? Probably not. What if you want something out of the ordinary, like drawers centered on your new cook top and a mixture of drawers and cupboards underneath? Check out Larry & Kathleen’s kitchen on our web site, and see some of the possibilities. We can design and make just about anything.

Box cabinets come pre-finished. They supposedly use “better” finishes since they are made outside of California. We use the same or better products. We can do any finish you can think of, and show you some that you might not have seen before. To hide the screws and nails on box cabinets, you have to use pre-finished putty and hope it matches. We use wood putty that matches the raw wood, stain it, and then apply a clear lacquer over all of the cabinet. Much better! We install our cabinets raw (no stain or paint), fitting them perfectly in the space before applying the paint or stain.

Have you looked inside those box cabinets? Many have very thin sides and backs; not ours. Our cabinets are made with mostly ¾” thick material and our drawers are made with ½” 9-ply plywood, making them virtually indestructible - unlike the particle board drawers of the box cabinets.

What if a pre-finished box cabinet is damaged in shipping or there is a mistake in ordering? How long would it take to send a new one? That depends. What if you change your mind? We had a customer who wanted a peninsula 8” longer than he thought…after the cabinets were delivered and being installed. We had a quick meeting, made some adjustments, got our cabinet stretcher from the shop and still finished on time!

So custom cabinets must cost more? Not necessarily. It all depends on what you want and how poorly the box cabinets are made. Price is determined by many factors and we can usually work within any budget. Give us a call for a free quote @ 661.273.9179.

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