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Byline: By STEVE PAINE Valley Press Staff Writer
Headline: Lenton gets a place to call its own
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     PALMDALE - After more than three decades of working in construction and home remodeling, Lenton Company finally has a fully custom office space to call its own.
     President Robert Lenton and employees celebrated the opening of the company's new office at 654 East Rancho Vista Blvd. (Ave. P), Suite E, during a holiday open house Dec. 15, with past customers, Palmdale Chamber of Commerce officials and government representatives there to welcome them.
     "For 30 years we've worked out of the home of my stepmother and business partner Sheila," Lenton said. "I'm happy to say we've finally outgrown that space.
     "Now we have our own place with a design center to see clients, plus I have an office with a door. I've never had one of those."
     Lenton Company specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels in addition to commercial and residential projects across the state.
     The company was established in 1984 by Lenton's father, Robert R. Lenton. An Antelope Valley native, Lenton graduated from Antelope Valley High School in 1978 and eventually ended up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife Evelyn.
     The death of his father in 1988 prompted the couple to move back to the Valley. Since that time, Lenton and his stepmother Sheila Sola have managed the business together.
     "We make a great team," Lenton said. "I'm going to be working out of our new office and Sheila will stay at home and handle the finances and accounting. My daughter Kendal runs production and long-term planning, and my wife also helps out at the office."
     For years, the family-owned general contracting business focused on the commercial side of the industry but always had residential projects as well, Lenton said.
     When the economy showed signs of slowing around 2007, Lenton knew he needed a plan for the company to survive in the long haul. He decided the company needed to formalize and promote the residential division, especially kitchen and bathroom remodeling.
     "Kitchens and baths are probably the most important part of the house," Lenton said. "You can get in there and do a good job quickly and change someone's life."
     According to Lenton, clients are more savvy than ever when it comes to home improvements and expect a certain experience many are avid fans of home and garden television shows, visit home improvement stores and research their upgrades online before they contact the Lenton Company.
     Five years ago, Heather Poulliot joined Lenton Company as its full-time designer. A meeting with a client used to mean shlepping material samples around in a truck to their location; now everything is organized in the office's new design center.
     "This lets me meet with customers here and help them design rooms that are both functional and comfortable," Poulliot said.
     "We're a team in everything we do. They say 'Do what you love, and love what you do,' and I get to do that every day."
     Lenton said a major selling point for clients is the company's guarantee to complete kitchen and bath remodels in a matter of weeks, not months. Even customers who are having major overhauls or multiple renovations are promised a working shower and toilet during construction.
     Client Kristina Harold called on Lenton Company when she was remodeling the downstairs of her condo. The process included knocking down a wall, redoing the kitchen, and installing wood floors, granite countertops and new cabinets.
     "It was my first home, my first major construction, and they just came through for me in every way," Harold said.
     "I was so impressed with everything, showing me a 3D model of the design on the computer, giving me a cost breakdown. They said it would be done in four weeks, and it was done in four weeks.
     "I don't think I could go to anyone else for a renovation now. The company, everyone who works here are just really, really good people.
     For details on Lenton Company or to schedule an appointment, call (661) 273-9179 or visit
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